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Bear Hunting in Gogama, Ontario:

Are you ready for a successful hunt?

Then meet us at J & L Lakeview Retreat located in Gogama, Ontario in the heart of the Watershed Region.

Where we offer:
  • Over 700 square kilometers of prime Northern Ontario Hunting ground
  • Extremely high Black Bear Population
  • Average Black Bears weighing in at 250 pounds
  • Experienced guides who are anxious to fulfill your dream of luring that Trophy Black Bear right to you!
  • Success Rate of 90% - 100%
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For your True Northern Ontario Bear Hunting Experience...
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Bear Hunting in Northern Ontario - Watershed Bear Outfitters - Gogama, Ontario

Here are a few facts to remember while you are out there anxiously hunting that prize Black Bear:

  1. A bear can smell 2100 times better than a human
  2. The Jacobson's organ in their mouth allows them to taste the air, adding to their brains perception
  3. Mature bears can smell better than their smaller members as their nose is larger and more developed
  4. Bears love the smell of mint
  5. Bears prefer food high in carbohydrates
  6. A bears hearing is four times that of a human

We recommend that you wash all your clothes twice before coming. Once in laundry detergent, and the second time in just water to ensure all laundry detergent and fabric softener residue have been removed from your clothing. If you do notice an odour coming from your clothes, mask it with the smell of mint.
If you do drink the night before the hunt, beer is a better choice of beverage as the next day, the beer smell in your body makes you smell like bread. Other alcohol beverages tend to give off an artificial chemical smell that will discourage the bear from approaching you.

Masking your scent is key to hunting for your Trophy Black Bear!

Watershed Bear Outfitters

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