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Moose Hunting

The thrill of hunting in Northern Ontario!

You can feel the cool crisp air surrounding you, the soft blanket of snow reveals the wildlife activity. Hear the soft grunt of an answering bull, the ticking of antlers on frozen branches. Stay still now. The giant of the boreal forest is approaching you.
Whether you slip quietly upon them by canoe along a creek, river, or lakeshore, stalk them in the bush or wait patiently for moose in feeding areas along the edges of the marsh or meadows, Watershed Bear Outfitters proudly delivers a high success rate.

Image of a Cow taking a stroll with her calf - Watershed Bear Outfitters

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Image of a Large Bull - Gogama, Ontario
A few moose facts to keep in mind while moose hunting:
  1. Moose have poor eyesight
  2. Moose have a keen sense of smell and hearing
  3. Moose are powerful swimmers
  4. Moose are able to dive 5.5 metres and deeper for plants at the bottom of a lake
  5. Moose have fatty pads and muscles that close the nostrils when exposed to water pressure, preventing water from entering the nose.
  6. Moose prefer boreal and mixed deciduous forests as a habitat
  7. Their diet consists of both terrestrial and aquatic vegetation
  8. Moose prefer deciduous trees with new growth as the new growth contains a high sugar content
  9. The average Moose weighs in between 1000 to 1300 pounds

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